We really need to support Tom Coburn.

I was up late last night and watched Tom Coburn talk about the problems he sees in the country.  I think he is right that the government of the United States will have to declare itself bankrupt in the next four years if we don’t seriously look at entitlements and other spending.  His objection to the lands bill is one that is important to future generations and is one that has merit.  We conservatives need to help him any way we can.  I have recently sent a letter to my congressman and senators to support comprehensive reform in these areas.  Republicans can redefine themselves if we follow the lead of a man like Senator Coburn.  We should be happy to have him in the Senate.

I plan on donating to his campaign in 2010 and will encourage all RedStaters to do the same.  Hopefully, the rest of the GOP conference will see the light he is trying to shine on the system of mindless spending we now have.  It is not often that a Nebraskan heaps praise on an Oklahoman, but in this case it is warranted.  He has provided leadership on the opposition to earmarks and other types of legislation.  If Republicans are to regain what made us a great party of ideas and ideals, we would do right to support Tom Coburn, and his cohort Jeff Flake in the House. 

We spend and spend, and yet what do we get out of it?  More debt and more unwise government control of the economy.  I hope we have Senator Coburn at the fore of the debate on the Stimulus package, so our side is fairly advanced.  Unfortunately, I think we have a bunch of spineless dogs on our side, arguing these issues.  I think Senator Coburn should really be our voice, because he is an articulate voice of the over-all conservative message.