Right now we need a Newt or a Tom DeLay...

Really, the Republican party would be better off if a Republican like Newt or Delay were in charge.  We have essentially vindicated John Boehner’s “sterling” run of leadership by letting him lead us when we need real leaders.  We need people who thrive on political combat, and I don’t know if we have that now.

We need to fight them every step of the way.  We need to fork them on the stimulus plan, but that is not going to happen.  I think our leadership may even give imprimatur to the socialistic plan coming forth from the maw of the Democratic Congress.

Newt and Tom would have fought them and drug them out as the liberals they are.  They would enegize rather than enervate the base of the party.

They should start by forking the Blue Dogs out of the Democratic Caucus.  That caucus has almost no unifying factor now that GWB is gone, so we should start picking them apart.  The “Stimulus Plan” should have a Blue Dog alternative that is backed whole heartedly by the Republicans in the House.  Frankly, I think most people posting on this site would support pay-go rules strictly enforced to what we will get in the Obama Administration.  I think this is a fair way to go.  The Blue Dogs excoriated George Bush with his deficits in the $250-$400 billion range.  Yet I have searched high and low to find any Blue Dog criticism of a $1 trillion deficit in FY2010.  Republicans should step in and fill that void.  All through the Bush years, the Congressional Blue Dogs whined and pined for a Pay-Go system.  We should offer to give it to them.  They would then be forced to make spending cuts, which we all would like now.  Or they would be forced to make major tax increases, which would help us in the next election.  Keep in mind that Democrats are not a unified party anymore in absence of GWB.  We Republicans should draw upon that lack of unity to embarrass the Congress and the Administration. 

I think agreeing to go along with Pay-Go could be part of a truly bi-partisan plan to reform the tax code of this country, along more fruitful lines.  Whether the Fair Tax or the Flat Tax, I think we might be able to get that kind of agreement from true Blue Dogs.  Perhaps then we can get the tax code out of the mess of social engineering.

We also gain a tremendous benefit from this in regard to later elections.  Either the Democratic members follow the expressed will of their conservative constituents or the current liberal leadership of the House.  Pelosi and Hoyer will twist thier arms, and this process can serve to illuminate the so-called Blue Dogs from the really fiscally conservative Democrats.  They will cross-pressured to death, possibly resulting in their defeat or leaving of Congress, which is good for the GOP.  I am sure there are posters who are now being represented by liberals who call themselves Blue Dogs.  This will can be a moment of choosing for them, and we win in the end either way.

I hope our current leadership will employ these tactics.  We cannot win strategically yet; we aren’t in power.  But we can do things tactically to make the Democrats, who control every lever of government, look as foolish and feckless as we can make them.  We don’t need to just capitulate and give in this early in the game, we need to put the brakes on the “stimulus” package as soon as possible.  Because, I don’t even think the Democrats and Obama believe what they are doing will work.  They just want bi-partisan cover.  We cannot be foolish enough to give it to them.  We need to beat the drum about how their plans are not working, and fight them all across the country.  With DeLay and Newt, we’d already be doing that.  But with Boehner and McConnell, we’ll probably give them everything they want.