Let's end the splitting of Electoral Votes in Nebraska!

The biggest humbling for me this election is the loss of the Omaha based second district to the Democrats. The first time Nebraska has supported a Democrat since the Johnson/Goldwater landslide election of 1964. It is horrendous that the Nebraska Republican Party sat helplessly on its laurels, allowing the Democrats to win in what used to be solidly Republican territory. Frankly, the impetus is now there for the titularly non-partisan legislature (but with a majority of Republicans) to change, once and for all, the foolish practice of splitting the Nebraska Electoral votes.

When they passed the split electoral college system, the proponents claimed that there would be more activity by candidates in Nebraska. Candidates for national office, we were told, would campaign in Nebraska, in an effort to gain an electoral vote. If that were the case, and Nebraskans had the opportunity to have their issues handled by a candidate from either party, one might be inclined to keep the system as it is. However, Omaha did not see either one of the major candidates in the Election. Similarly, only the Democrats gained, by being able to target one of our two urban centers. Frankly, Nebraskas were not heard in this election, only the foolish people conned to vote against their interests by the Obama camp. Sure the Democrats were able to spend money on paid staff for Nebraska, but we never saw hide nor hare of the candidate himself. When he destroys the American Agriculture economy, I will wonder whether those duped by the Democrats will see the light?

We need to end that process by which we split our electoral votes. Indeed, we should take Nebraska back to the time when a Democrat would have to win the votes of a majority of all Nebraskans in order to win any support from us in the Electoral College. If the Democrats want to win in our state, they should have to travel the breadth and depth of our state. They don’t want to do that though. The Democratic Party plan is one of balkanization where the needs of Omaha are separated from the needs of the State as a whole. Only the Republican Party is representative of the State. Clearly the only 93 county party in our state is the GOP. We should not have our selection for president watered down by a few thousand Omaha radicals and their dupes at the polls. Nebraska needs to return integrity to our electoral process. That means the Democrats should have to persuade a majority of ALL Nebraskans to support them, not just an agitated liberal rump in Omaha.

I give Obama credit, he turned a number of red states blue. However he won a majority of the vote in those states. Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado were won fair and square. The Republican Party needs to regroup in these states. But Nebraska is uniformly a Republican State at the macro level. Nothing is more macro than the race for the Whitehouse. Nebraska Republicans in the legislature need to see to it that the laws are changed. Then, when 2012 comes around our state is firmly and always in the Republican column. No registered Republican lawmaker in our state is worthy of the affiliation if he or she cannot return Nebraska back to the regular method of selecting presidential electors. If the Democrats want to win a Nebraska electoral vote, they should have to do so by convincing people all across the state, not just a tiny sliver of it.