What we need to do

Quite frankly, as conservatives in america, we need to come to grips with the fact that we are not going to win this year. No matter how it is sliced, John McCain really was not one of us, and Sarah Palin was horrendously mismanaged by the McCain camp. The real question is what do we do? How do we manage with a president many of us find deplorable? How can we manage it?

Read on…Frankly, I think these things will take care of themselves. Obama is running as a third way candidate, however he has no real track record of being third way. Thus, a conserted effort by Republicans to paint Obama as extreme, and a hefty tax increase in 2010 will aid us in our effort to blunt him. Further, as conservatives we do not have to unite behind his efforts. We can offer competing plans to each of Obama/Pelosi/Reid. In fact, Harry Reid is could easily be a target for Republican gain in 2010 if we can show how liberal the democratic campaign has become. One good thing in an electoral defeat is it tends to purify the conservatism of the Republican members of congress and the senators. No longer having to deal with as many RINO’s means that we no longer have to worry as much about party unity. Every Republican will be able, without fear of an administration forcing new entitlements down their throats, (To wit the 2003-2004 Medicare bill) and they will be able to oppose earmarks and appropriation bills without much fear. The GOP people voted for in 1994 will re-emerge, and with Obama and Biden’s cavalier manner of raising taxes, and calling taxpayers who don’t like taxes unpatriotic, will open a new avenue for truly conservatives.

The social conservatives who will vote for Obama due to their economic interests will undoubtedly be disappointed. Not only due to Obama and Biden’s extreme record on social issues, but also becuase Obama’s efforts will surely fail. We need to constantly remind voters of Obama’s extreme viewpoint on Abortion and the second amendment. I know a number of gun owners who will vote for Barrack, because they don’t think he is going to restrict gun ownership. When the Democrats do this, we will be able to point out their hypocrisy. Also, when these taxpayers are forced to pay much higher taxes, they will come home. Small businesses will come home as well, when they are crushed by the Obama/Biden tax burden.

Finally, enegy policy will be a loser in the long run for the Obama/Biden administration. They are stuck so closely to the Environmentalist wackos that they will not countenence Nuclear, Coal, or expanded drilling and oil exploration. They think that solar and wind will solve all of our problems. All this will equate to is much higher energy costs and rationing from the government. We can exploit that as well. Frankly, the messiah of the left will not deliver on this account either. With a strong market and America based energy policy will help us greatly. Republicans in 2010 can run with confidence reminding the former auto workers and industrial workers that with a certain amount of re-training, they could work at constructing and operating new nuclear and coal based power plants. Definitely these “Green Collar” jobs will not materialize over night, and basically there are no sustainable blue collar jobs for windmills and solar panels. These people are being dropped off the cliff, and if Barry thinks they are bitter and cling to guns and religion now, think about 2+ years of economic stagflation, the country will be in favor of wholesale Reaganomics again.

Make no mistake, I am voting for McCain this November, but I will not be so flippant as to miss the writing on the wall. I think we have three main issues going forward. I also think that the country as a whole is really more to the right than the cultural relativists would have us believe. The victory is almost always followed by the overreach. We must also be intrepid enough to stay in the fight. Indeed the media will shelter the first black president like no other in history. We will be labeled racists et. al. by the president and the liberals, but they will again have to run on their record in government, which will be poor as usual. America is not ready for a Socialist revolution, the more we attack for its flaws the shorter our time in the wilderness will be.