Know your enemies, but keep your friends closer.


 Sarah’s exit from politics is ENTIRELY to balme on GOP people, not giving her due aid in need. This is not about her needing help, but merely about respectful aid from one’ friends. There are some things one shouldn’t demand, but simply expect as an automatic occurrence and this is one of them. Unfortunately, the GOP of today is more filled with MC Cainers, Powells and Specters than people with ideology and principles. It is a disgrace that this happened. I have absolutely NO belief that this is to clear herself for something larger, none at all. She would be pummeled by everybody and how in the world could she count upon any support from the GOP leadership? I think the only way she could now run as president would be as a conservative Libertarian at best.

    I am very saddened by this, not only for Sarah, but also for the GOP, because it shows how low the party morale and priciples have gone. Who will be able to stand up for anything after this, especially as a front-runner for anything. This will have gigantic consequences for a looooooooooooooooong time, especially with regards to confidence in the party and willingness to give support. Would you support someone that just abandoned you on the battlefield? Would you support someone that runs away and hides at any sign of danger or scare? Would you support someone that abandons one of their best soldiers on the field and run as fast as they can away from danger?

  This is probably the most shocking piece of news I have ever seen in the political world. This is an immense gift to the libs and a staggering blow to the remaining morale of the GOP. And it gets even worse; How in the world is the GOP going to be able to field any woman of significance after this, when they clearly get assaulted in all nasty sexist ways and nobody stands up?!?! Identity politics is not something I believe in, but so many others do and it seems to me now (in retrospect) that this is excaclty what it was about in this case. Get Sarah on board to bolster Mc Cain, but when it didn;t work out she is thrown in the trashcan.

  I have called three of my political (GOP) constituents and left messages to strike me off their records. I don;t know when I will be able to back anyone like this again. Hopefully the fence won;t crack by all the weight put upon it in 2012.

 Obama on walk-over?