Two physicians ready to scale down.


  It is now clear how Obama is planning to “fix healthcare” and where to get the money from. Latest I heard is that couples making more than 208K will have less possible deductions on taxation, including mortgage interest and possibly student loans as well. It is likewise very clear that he will continue to talk about healthcare without involving the people delivering it.

       Me and my wife are two primary care physicians. We esaily work 80 hours each week, but no more. It is obvious where we will be heading with taxation and how we will be pubished for our work. So far, our plans are to significantly reduce our work-hours. From next summer, we will work a combined of 32 hours plus call-time. This is likely to keep our combined income low enough to avoid Obama’s taxation draconism.  We will work just a couple of days a week, have much more time to ourselves and likewise be able to do much more with our house on our own without having to hire people.

  I believe we are not the only ones. We will see many of our collegues do the same the next years. Others will stop accepting medicare and medicaid, enter concierge medicine or simply quit entirely.

  I understand that two doctors are just an insignificant tiny figment in Obama’s world, but as an example of how he intends to wipe out will to be productive and reap rewards, we are a good example of what will be coming. Should the government mandate minimum work hours for doctors or others in order to keep the license, we will quite entirely. I am sure this is something bound to happen in any field where hard work, productivity and innovation will be punished with draconic taxation combined with demonization without any appreciation.

 Certainly the healthcare system is very flawed, but the solution is HSA’s with catastrophic coverage and not socialized medicine. I am not willing to work 80 hours a week in this field for 50K, having to look over my should at every moment in fear of Obama’s campaign contributors (the trial malwyers) while being increasingly burdened with medicare bureacracy.


 No thanks.