The Progressive Tax Code Is Killing The Conservative Movement

It is no accident that the decrease of conservative political power has coincided with the increase of workers who are not obligated to pay federal taxes. As a result of recent tax reforms, forty-six percent of employed Americans no longer pay any federal tax. With almost half the workforce freed from the responsibility of footing the government’s bills, the electorate is more receptive than ever to the siren song of big government.

Not long ago, American voters would have recoiled at Barack Obama’s stated intention to increase dramatically the federal budget…because they would have had to pay for it. Now, liberals can play Santa Claus secure in the knowledge that almost half of voters are craving a free lunch.

Since conservatives are loathe to increase taxes so that the freeloaders must again shoulder some responsibility for funding government, it is imperative that Republicans make implementing a universal flat tax the centerpiece of their resurrection.The flat tax will stimulate economic growth by providing greater incentives for productive people to produce. Equally importantly, the flat tax will obligate almost everyone to participate in funding the government. Even a nominal payment of federal taxes will motivate workers to consider the consequences of electing liberal big spenders, thereby creating a more favorable political environment for Republicans.

Conservatives can further gild the political lily by having the IRS send an itemized tax bill to each American so that people must belatedly confront the ways in which their money is being “invested”. The tax bill should also include the number of days each American is working to pay for government. The indentured servants of this country must have it impressed upon them just how much of their lives consist of working for the federal government…for free.

Liberals have long known that voters who do not pay taxes prefer politicians who are big spenders. The Democrats have shrewdly enhanced their electoral prospects by constantly adding voters to the ranks of those who are exempted from taxation.

In the name of compassion – a name that has crippled the conservative movement – Republicans have agreed to excuse increasing numbers of workers from paying the bills. The reward for such compassion has been the banishment of conservatives from power.

It is now time for the conservative movement to begin the arduous task of regaining relevance. An essential step in that direction is the revision of the tax code so that all Americans possess a financial stake in the size of the federal government.