The Cult Of The Maximum Leader

On Monday, historian Michael Beschloss declared that Barack Obama is the “smartest man ever to become a president”. Given that Thomas Jefferson was a president, Beschloss proved only that he is the dumbest man ever to become a historian. In a nation that values sanity, Beschloss would now be involuntarily residing at the Giggling Academy. Instead, he is a valued member of the huge chorus competing to see who can sing most loudly the praises of Our Great Obama, hallowed be His name.

The obsequious hyperbole of Beschloss and countless others who are Obama’s courtiers must seem familiar to Americans who emigrated from totalitarian countries, places like Romania where the leader was hailed as a God. America is increasingly resembling such beset lands, with the Maximum Leader shielded from dissent by a slavish media and abetted by an opposition that is ostensible at best.

Never has an emperor been more obviously naked than is Barack Obama, but never has an establishment been so determined not to notice. The media spent the campaign hiding Obama scandals while inventing scandals for his opponents. Now, journalists are declaring that this great historical figure heroically faces the most serious challenges imaginable: an economic collapse accompanied by simultaneous wars.

Only a titan could summon the courage to address such peril. Fortunately, the media assures, Barack Obama is just such a titan.As my teenage niece would editorialize, it is all truly barfworthy.

In reality, Obama is a leftist Chicago machine politician who connived his way into power by masquerading as a moderate. He lied profusely, and escaped all consequences with the aid of his media accomplices. Now, he intends to implement a radical agenda of socialism and appeasement as the press canonizes him while marginalizing all opponents as racists.

And who will stop Obama? Who will even try? The Republican Party has become a politically correct irrelevancy, abandoning its core beliefs in a futile attempt to win the votes of people who disdain it. The conservative movement seems traumatized by the prospect of being labeled bigoted, and so many of its most prominent members now aim their wrath at Sarah Palin.

Obama may be totally devoid of integrity, but he is also totally devoid of meaningful opposition. As in Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China, all dissent is dismissed as the disordered ravings of malcontents. Even many of those who claim to oppose Obama admit to being deeply touched that he has conquered Racist America and will now transform it into a multicultural paradise.

Meanwhile, the insanity of Obama’s minions continues to reach unprecedented heights. There is now a movement to make November 4 a federal holiday, the better to celebrate the Ascension Of The Great One. With our nation’s mental health in free fall, the Democratic Congress will doubtlessly soon pass a resolution proclaiming that Obama’s flatulence is the sweetest perfume.

In a nation gone mad, don’t be surprised if that vote is unanimous.