So Open Minded Their Brains Have Fallen Out Of Their Heads

Americans of all backgrounds are hailing themselves for being admirably tolerant after having elected a black president. Even conservative commentators like Laura Ingraham claim to have cried at witnessing Obama’s ascension to the presidency, seeing as how it demonstrated that the American people are no longer the vile racist Deliverance-type hillbillies that establishment denizens always knew they were.

Never mind that race has nothing to do with the current media euphoria…does anyone seriously believe journalists would be swooning about “a great historical moment” had Clarence Thomas just been elected? No, Thomas is treated disdainfully because he is a conservative…skin color notwithstanding.

This moment of Fourth Estate giddiness accompanies the election of a left wing Saul Alinsky radical to the White House, rendering pitiful all those conservatives at National Review Online who are expressing profound good feeling about this “great historical moment”.

This is the moment that the Anti-Reagan Revolution begins, so if I join Ingraham in sobbing those will not be tears of joy streaming down my face.My greatest fear is not that the radical Obama and his media concubines and his left wing hordes will try to ruin this country. That sad reality is a given. My fear is that the conservative movement – eviscerated by the political correctness that saw John McCain run a “respectful” campaign instead of a “winning” campaign – will do nothing to stop the barbarians who have stormed the gates.

The reaction to Obama’s triumph among high profile conservatives has been nauseating. Rather than vigilant vows to hold back the radical tide, Republican talking heads have remained coiled in the fetal position. So afraid are they of being labeled “racist” that conservatives have actually celebrated Obama’s “special gifts”. Even usual stalwarts like Dennis Prager and Michael Medved have joined in prostrating themselves at The One’s pleasingly fragrant feet.

But what are Obama’s “special gifts”? Being a left wing ideologue who successfully masquerades as a moderate? Having his sycophants smear all dissidents as bigots? Lying at a rate that would make Bill Clinton envious? These are the gifts that intimidated conservative commentators now feel obliged to admire?

Where once conservatism was a muscular philosophy, now it is enfeebled by thumb suckers and bed wetters.

I do not join the squishy Republican chorus in hoping that “Barack Obama, who is our president, will be a great success”. If Obama succeeds in doing what he intends, he will trash every conservative principle that matters. Strong national defense will be a thing of the past, as will free enterprise and traditional moral values.

Therefore, I hope Barack Obama fails miserably. If he does, America will be able to survive just as it survived Carter. But if Obama succeeds in doing what he has promised – like repealing the strong Bush surveillance and interrogation measures that have prevented countless terrorist attacks on America for seven years – it is highly problematic whether our nation will survive in any meaningful sense of the term.