A Who's Who Of Who Hates Hebrews

The American electorate is considering flinging itself over Niagara Falls to teach George W. Bush a cruel lesson. Should this masochistic insanity occur, Barack Obama apparently will appoint Arafat Boy Toy Dennis Ross to oversee the deconstruction of the Zionist Entity.

Ross spent the Clinton years insisting that Yasser Arafat was the postmodern George Washington, an historical figure exemplifying peace and humanity. During that time, Arafat continuously pursued his goal of replicating the Holocaust. As Ross insisted (with a straight face yet) that one Palestinian hand knows not what the other does, Arafat’s homicidal Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades visited unprecedented bloodshed upon Israeli civilians.

Now, with Rashid Khalidi’s soul mate pounding on the White House door, Dennis Ross is poised for a reprise.Ross is the quintessential Olive Tree Jew, a secular leftist who becomes apoplectic when Israelis harm a Palestinian twig but who is unable to summon indignation when jihadists slaughter Jewish children. There are many such liberal Jews, ranging from Joe Klein and Barbra Streisand to Joshua Marshall and Peace Now.

Three quarters of Jewish voters now seem ready to support a presidential candidate whose roster of friends and advisers reads like a Who’s Who Of Who Hates Hebrews. There are Pastor Wright and William Ayers, who openly support the genocidal intentions of Hamas. Then there is Khalidi, who views Hamas as being excessively pacifist.

Let’s not forget Obama’s anti-“Zionist” co-chairs, Tony (“It’s all the fault of New York and Miami Jews”) McPeak and Jesse (“The peaceful Palestinians are being oppressed by the Israelis”) Jackson, Jr.

Also deserving of acknowledgment are Samantha (“Let’s invade Israel!”) Power and Robert (“Israel is the aggressor”) Malley.

And, of course, no one should ever neglect dear old Zbignew Brzezinski, who has been in public life for five decades and has yet to find a single Israeli virtue.

If there is to be an Obama Administration, it will exist because American voters, Jews and Gentiles alike, have been afflicted by the same impulses that motivate lemmings. There are no excuses…Obama has done an incompetent job of covering his radical tracks and hiding his pernicious alliances. He is manifestly a left wing ideologue, with all the indecency that entails.

Five days remain for Americans to emerge from their stupor and choose reason over self-flagellation.