When Did Michael Moore Appropriate The Byline "George Will"?

George Will again is using his column to argue that John McCain is highly imperfect. In today’s Washington Post, Will asserts that McCain is “careless”, as evidenced by the fact that his running mate provided an overly simplistic explanation of the vice presidency…to seven year olds.

That Barack Obama is a radical masquerading as a moderate is of such little interest to Will that the columnist obsesses about McCain’s “carelessness”.

Yet McCain is insufficiently careless to lie about his votes on taxes and spending and national defense and abortion. McCain also lacks the carelessness needed to associate with racists and terrorists and traitors. And when it comes to being careless about accepting illegal campaign contributions, McCain has failed there as well…he has carefully obeyed the law.

Even so, George Will is on a jihad to get Barack Obama elected president. Alongside accomplices Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, and an appallingly large mob of pseudo conservative talking (re: empty) heads, Will sees McCain as being worthy of eviscerating criticism, whereas Obama receives a free pass.I’d like to believe that if Ronald Reagan were alive today he would send these Quislings to Iran in exchange for…well, nothing. Just send them to Iran. The great man advocated the Eleventh Commandment, which posited Thou Shall Not Speak Ill Of Fellow Republicans – especially a week before an election in which that Republican is facing a left wing demagogue whose agenda threatens the American way of life.

Whatever motivates Will and his fellow miscreants to do Obama’s bidding, they have revealed themselves to be frauds. No conservative could possibly believe that John McCain is more “careless” than the extraordinarily irresponsible Barack Obama, or more worthy of censure.

Whatever George Will may be, the term “conservative” does not capture it. The more apt description is “conformist”, and those who conform to the liberal media narrative have no place in the conservative movement.

Thanks for the memories, George, of the glorious days when you were principled.

But those days are long gone.