Obama Supporters Proclaim "Palin Is A C***"; Media Erupts in Indignant Silence

Dennis Prager has posted on his blog a photograph of Obama supporters who attend Sarah Palin rallies wearing shirts emblazoned with “Palin Is A C*“.


Michelle Malkin had done yeoman work in documenting the malicious derangement afflicting the Give Peace A Chance crowd:


Yet as the left spews its psychotic bile, the media screams about the (nonexistent) Republican campaign of hatred and bigotry…bigotry being defined as failure to toe the left wing line.

America has entered Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, where up is down and in is out and reality is nevermore.

Paul Krugman, who has just joined his soulmate Yasser Arafat as a Nobel Prize winner, bemoans what he views as a right wing hatefest that afflicts the presidential campaign. So do Frank Rich and Eugene Robinson and all the usual suspects who equate dissent with racism. Absent from their ravings is the fact that it was Obama and his surrogates who first parlayed the race card into the Democratic nomination (“Hillary cries for her hair but not Katrina”) and now seek to win the presidency by smearing all dissidents as bigots.

So who is really engaging in a “malicious campaign”:

It is Obama who has his supporters flood radio talk shows with harassing calls whenever his critics appear.

It is Obama who in Missouri sics law enforcement on those “illegally criticizing” him. By the way, “Illegally criticize” is a plagiarized term, and the Obama campaign is morally obligated to acknowledge the Fuhrer when purloining his material.

It is Obama whose surrogates dementedly accuse his opponent of deliberately fomenting an environment in which little black girls are bombed.

The list stretches from here to eternity, but you get the point. Obama and his fevered minions are the ones making the threats (riots if he loses?) and they are the ones smearing the opposition (“Republicans are behaving like Nazis”) and they are the ones engaging in lawlessness (just display a McCain/Palin sign in a predominantly liberal community and learn firsthand).

Yet all this is invisible to those who will not see, and topping that list are the deceivers masquerading as journalists. What they perceive is conservatives acting like stormtroopers…even though it is not happening.

Should Obama be elected, America will be experiencing four years of this cognitive dissonance, of officially sanctioned fantasy unaccompanied by anything approaching fact. The liars will be hailed as virtuous as the truthtellers are marginalized as depraved. Reality will be capsized.

Lewis Carroll would absolutely love it.

I love it considerably less.