Richard Dreyfuss' America

Decades ago, Richard Dreyfuss said during an interview that the United States is the main catalyst for world evil. I vividly remember reading and re-reading that interview, trying (in vain) to understand how anyone could be so morally obtuse.

Years later, Dreyfuss traveled to the West Bank and broke bread with Hamas. This event was surprising only because one expects that even genocidal terrorists will have higher standards about whom they invite for lunch. Dreyfuss declared that Israel was the primary source of Middle Eastern evil.

Small wonder that when the movie “Jaws” was released, all the finest people were rooting for the shark.

Richard Dreyfuss now says that Barack Obama will be “the best president America ever had”. That disordered statement is certainly understandable: if you are a psychotic who believes the villains of the world are the United States and Israel, Obama is definitely your kind of guy.

But when did a majority of Americans descend into madness?Woody Allen supports Obama.

But why do people disinclined to sleep with their stepdaughters support a guy whose idea of family values is allowing doctors to kill miracle babies who survive abortions?

Bill Maher worships Obama.

But why do people who do not consider the Lord to be a primitive superstition support someone whose religious mentor proclaims, “God damn America!”?

Sean Penn adores Obama.

But why do people who disapprove of Castro’s torture chambers support someone whose foreign policy consists of appeasing degenerates?

Obama represents the quintessence of Hollywood values.

But when did Hollywood values become American values?

I did not despair when Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were elected. They were horrible choices, but occupied the mainstream of our civilization. The country would survive.

Barack Obama and his minions despise the values of Judeo-Christian civilization, and the nation they intend to create bears little resemblance to the one we love. An Obama administration and an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress will be able to do irreparable damage over the next two years.

Gone will be Reagan Country.

In its place will be Richard Dreyfuss’ America.

A Daily Kossified United States.

It now seems likely that we will become the first American generation to violate Thomas Jefferson’s concept of “usufruct”, of bequeathing unto our children a better nation than the one we inherited. The impending election of Barack Obama does not merely represent bad judgment. It is the culmination of a moral pestilence that began in the Sixties and now (apparently) infects a majority of the electorate.

Forty years ago, Richard Dreyfuss was a marginalized left wing nut.

He is marginalized no longer.