Awake, Senator McCain

John McCain is sleepwalking towards defeat against an incredibly vulnerable opponent. During the debate, McCain chose not to mention that the current subprime lending crisis was initiated by Barack Obama and other congressional Democrats demanding that banks provide mortgages to uncreditworthy low income home buyers. The liberal objective was “making home ownership possible for the disadvantaged”. Now, the poor will get to keep homes they cannot afford, because when they default on their mortgages the middle class will assume the debt. That redistribution of wealth was always the end game envisioned by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank (and Obama). It sure would be nice if the Republican presidential nominee informed voters that Mister Change and his progressive accomplices created this socialized housing nightmare, and that they are pining to inflict even greater pain with a socialized medicine nightmare.

But McCain missed more than just one opportunity to hammer Obama into submission. Consider the neophyte’s proposal to send the American military into Pakistan.Pakistan has nuclear weapons. Since the inception of atomic warfare, no American president has ever invaded a nuclear-equipped country. Not Truman, Not Eisenhower. Not Kennedy. Not Johnson. Not Nixon. Not Ford. Not Carter. Not Reagan. Not Bush I. Not Clinton. Not Bush II.


Because they were not insane. Capturing Osama bin Laden would certainly be great, but not at the risk of initiating thermo-nuclear war. It would have been nice if the Republican presidential nominee had mentioned that while Obama wants to channel Jane Fonda when it comes to Iraq, in the case of Pakistan the Democrat morphs into Doctor Strangelove.

And then there were all those Obama lies which rained down in Mississippi like a summer delta cloudburst.

Obama said he supports nuclear power.

It sure was considerate of McCain to refrain from pointing out that Obama has been a legislator for more than a decade and has voted against nuclear power EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Ditto off shore drilling.

And Obama’s promise to cut taxes for 95% of working families is revealed as a welfare proposal when listeners hear that only 65% of working families actually pay federal taxes – the other thirty percent will be receiving charity courtesy of America’s taxpayers. McCain chose not to mention this tidbit, perhaps because he has decided that being president isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Even so, for the sake of those Americans who dread the prospect of a left wing radical conniving his way into the White House, it would be gratifying if John McCain changed tactics/strategy…

…and started trying to win.