"Erratic" Beats "Unpatriotic" Every Time

Yesterday, the House Republicans sought to promote a bill that would avert a financial system meltdown while protecting the taxpayers. The GOP insurance plan was quickly rejected by Congressional Democrats, who have something else in mind: allowing the system to collapse while blaming John McCain.

Rarely has megalomania so neatly dovetailed with sedition.As Hank Paulsen desperately tried to craft a compromise, one Democrat after another appeared before television cameras to recite the day’s liberal mantra: “John McCain is erratic”. Barack Obama said it, as did at least three of his aides. Nancy Pelsoi said it. So did Christopher Dodd. And Barney Frank. And Claire McCaskill. And John Kerry.

In fact, with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warning that many major financial institutions are within days of bankruptcy, the Democrats were all singing from the same “Let The System Fail And Blame McCain” hymnal.

Such lyrics reveal that liberals are morally unfit to govern.

The behavior of Obama and company again illustrates that those who challenge liberal devotion to America should never be apologetic. Once again, the Democratic Party has placed self-interest above national interest. Liberals are so intent on winning the presidency that allowing an economic free fall is a price they are eager to pay.

If this is one of those rare moments when progressives are actually speaking the truth – if John McCain really as erratic as they claim – he still towers above them like Gulliver amongst the Lilliputians.

Being “erratic” is bad indeed.

But being “unpatriotic” is infinitely worse.