Loving Sarah Palin

I love Sarah Palin, and not in a small way. If my love for Governor Palin were a planet, it would be Jupiter. I love her for what she is, but I love her even more for what she is not. She is not Gloria Steinem nor Sally Quinn nor Maureen Dowd, all of whom hate her the way vampires hate sunshine. She is also not Keith Olbermann, and for this I love her enormously. Not being Keith Olbermann is a really cool thing.

I love Sarah Palin for her enemies. How can one unassuming rural mother of five so quickly manage to be hated by every pompous pseudo journalist and seething racial demagogue and feckless appeasement monkey and secular infanticidist and braying psychotic actress in the entire lower forty-eight? It took the great Ronald Reagan years to develop his vast coterie of left wing haters. Sarah has done it in three weeks.The reason the Democrats hate her with such deranged aggression, of course, is the same reason they despise Clarence Thomas. Palin and Thomas defy the multicultural template which dictates that women and blacks must be lockstep liberals, and that anyone who deviates is a traitor who must be destroyed.

Towards that end, the media has launched a war of annihilation against Palin designed to convince Americans that compared to her Hitler was virtuous. “Journalists” have labeled Palin “barbaric”, “dangerous”, “demented”, “primitive”, “ignorant”, “deceitful”, and “worthless”. They have childishly ridiculed her hair and her face and her glasses and her clothes. They have viciously assailed her religious faith. They have falsely accused her of faking a pregnancy and of cheating on her husband. They have ruthlessly smeared her teenage daughter and her infant son.

And they have have declared that Sarah Palin is not really a woman, because if she really were a woman she would be a liberal…just like all real women.

The pathological rage directed against Palin has not been witnessed in American politics since the high tech lynching of the aforementioned Thomas. Secular progressives may scorn God, but no one attacks heretics with the ferocity of the Left.

Ultimately, liberals hate Sarah Palin not because she lies but because she doesn’t. They loathe her not because she lacks virtue but because they do. She is bible believing Christian who takes her faith seriously, not a left wing dilettante whose commitment to decency is merely rhetorical.

Sarah Palin is the real deal, and authenticity can never be tolerated by phonies.

I rejoice at the prospect that Palin will first become vice president and ultimately President of the United States. In terms of substance, her principled commitment to the conservative governing philosophy will be a blessing to our country. And from an aesthetic standpoint, watching liberal heads continue to explode will be one of life’s most savored pleasures.

The Germans have the best word for it: schadenfreude. Literally translated, it means “watching Michael Moore writhe in agony”. And it is a good thing. It is a very good thing.

I love you, Sarah Palin.