McCain Should Hang Bush Around Obama's Neck Like A Millstone

Barack Obama has gained traction by claiming that John McCain is running for the third Bush term. Yet when it comes to the profligate government spending and fiscal irresponsibility that has damaged the economy, it is Obama who more closely resembles Bush. The Democrat has proposed massive new spending programs along with huge tax increases that will not pay for the new programs. Under an Obama administration, the deficit is guaranteed to skyrocket, causing the dollar to plunge ever lower and the purchasing power of Americans to plunge with it.

To an electorate most concerned about the economic future, McCain should be emphasizing that replacing George W. Bush with Barack Obama constitutes jumping from the frying pan into the fire. McCain is well positioned to make the case. He has a strong record as a fiscally responsible senator who opposes earmarks. McCain could make a convincing case that given his history of frugality and bipartisanship he is the ideal president to balance the budget, thereby restoring the fiscal sanity that will allow for an economic renaissance.

This election will be decided based upon whom voters most trust on economic issues. Thus far, Republicans have not made a compelling argument that Obama represents a threat to America’s economic future.

But he most certainly does. His policies of high taxation and runaway spending will reprise the Carter Era which produced twenty percent inflation and burgeoning unemployment.

To gain the upper hand on economic issues and reverse the Obama claim as to who is the unpopular Bush’s ideological heir, McCain must identify the federal budget deficit as being Economic Enemy Number One. He should then challenge voters to decide who is best equipped to deal with that enemy, reminding the electorate that a spendthrift Democratic president combined with a spendthrift Democratic Congress will only intensify the economic problems plaguing the American people.