They're Alive! They're Alive!!

On a day when unemployment reached a four year high, John McCain had Democrats wailing not about the economy but about “The One”…an ad that properly identifies Barack Obama as being an egomaniacal empty suit. At the same time, Congressional Republicans seized the initiative and humiliated Nancy Pelosi on two counts: her unpopular anti-energy stance and her totalitarian parliamentary stance. Just hours after the government reported unfavorable economic news, it was the Democrats who found themselves on the defensive.

Cool. Apparently, reports of a conservative demise were somewhat premature.

There is no sweeter music than hearing liberals whimper about being persecuted because conservatives have the temerity to disagree with them. Across the liberal blogosphere the Left is now in full Tammy Faye Bakker mode, crying copiously about how vicious the Republicans have recently become. Why that mean John McCain is criticizing the New JFK (who parenthetically is the diametrical philosophical opposite of the Old JFK). Racist Old Coot…how dare he disagree with someone so very inspiring!

But dare he does, and God bless him. Once Obama defeated Hillary the very real potential existed for McCain to win in a landslide. Hillary is a Bill Clinton Democrat, a model that has achieved proven electoral success. Obama is a George McGovern Democrat, and just as McGovern was annihilated because Americans do not want European-style socialism, Obama is equally vulnerable to being routed.

For Republicans, the first step to victory is repudiating the mainstream meme that they are destined to lose. Belatedly, McCain and John Boehner have decided to reject the script and perform a rewrite that goes something like this:

The Democrats are unfit to govern.

True that, and so nice to hear it finally being spoken by the leaders of the Republican Party.