Obama In Wonderland

The part of Barack Obama’s Berlin speech that the media most adored contained his apology for grotesque American immorality. Obama decried our nation’s penchant for hegemony and unilateralism and torture. The sack cloth and ash routine inspired his audience of drunken German teenagers with the prospect that once he becomes commander-in-chief the United States military will no longer impale Third World grandmothers in the Iron Maiden.

There is something vaguely surrealistic about an American presidential candidate apologizing to Germans for historical misdeeds. Way back when (in the middle of the last century), the United States military saved the world from being enslaved by Nazis. Admittedly, this obscure conflict occurred before Senator Obama was born, and in the William Ayers case the media established the precedent that the junior senator from Illinois is unaccountable for knowing anything that happened before he attained puberty. Nevertheless, most American citizens have heard of World War II and the Holocaust, so Obama really should know that we need not apologize to Germans for behaving badly.

What will be the next bizarre event on the flagellation express? After all, if you can apologize to Germans for having committed atrocities, the horizon is teeming with possibilities. Will Obama tell Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the United States is profoundly regretful for our genocidal religious intolerance? Or will he ask Raul Castro for forgiveness because America could have provided our Cuban citizens with greater individual liberty? Maybe Obama will genuflect before Hugo Chavez and agree that unlike Venezuela the American political system is a democracy in name only.

The Democratic presidential nominee despises our nation. Obama is a product of the Noam Chomsky mindset that posits anything which goes wrong is automatically America’s fault. Like all leftists, his “love” for the United States consists solely of loving what he thinks it will be after the liberal agenda has been imposed on the citizenry.

If Barack Obama becomes president, the United States will be led by someone who views it as being profoundly immoral. That approach has already been tried, circa 1977-1981, and it was an unpleasant experience most unworthy of a reprise.

The first prerequisite for governing America should be a passionate belief that this country is virtuous and deserves nothing but the best. On this score, as on so many others, Barack Obama is unqualified to be president.