When Expediency Fails, Integrity Is A Good Fall Back Position

The Pew Research Center poll shows that Barack Obama currently leads John McCain 66%-23% among Hispanic voters. This finding represents a mortal bow to the moderate Republican concept that abandoning conservative principle yields electoral success.

By pandering to La Raza and the illegal alien lobby, McCain has alienated conservatives who believe that enforcing immigration laws is an essential element in maintaining sovereignty and securing national security. Simultaneously, he has failed abysmally with voters who think that the United States is an imperialistic land thief possessing no historical right to territorial boundaries. Those voters know that Obama does not just pretend to embrace their malignant anti-American views…he passionately embraces them.

And so, McCain has failed to gain the support of the open borders crowd while losing allegiance among his natural constituency. Even those conservatives who support McCain tend to do so with remorse, creating a huge enthusiasm advantage for Obama that translates into money and volunteers.

If ever a flip flop were in order, this is the time. Having failed to advance his campaign by employing expediency, John McCain should now try standing on principle. It is morally wrong to violate American immigration laws. What’s more, it is illegal and therefore it is intolerable. McCain should belatedly say so, and let the chips fall where they may.

The chips will fall in his favor. Most Americans do not think that of the two hundred-plus nations on Earth, America alone is unjustified in protecting its borders. Americans do not welcome the lower wages and forfeited benefits that accompany illegal immigration. And while many citizens publicly defer to political correctness, there is a groundswell of resentment about the criminality of illegal alien street gangs that this month have slaughtered Americans from California to Virginia.

Senator McCain, if you are unwilling to do the right thing just because it is the right thing, then do it because it will benefit you politically. Selling out the conservative base has delivered twenty three percent of the Hispanic vote. A simple cost benefit analysis reveals that you miscalculated, and can gain far more support by telling the truth.

The truth is that illegal immigration benefits left-wing activist groups and corporate brigands, a combination that constitutes a most foul alliance. You want to be a maverick? Oppose illegal immigration, and when the liberal media excoriates you oppose it even more fervently. Show the average working class stiff that you will confront the elites on his behalf.

Much to your surprise, you will discover that doing the right thing is good politics.