Van Tran v. Loretta Sanchez

The party may have caught a break.  The tirade by Congressman Sanchez on a Spanish language station was picked up by the English language media.  Sanchez called Tran very anti-immigrant.  This purposeful use of “immigrant” instead of “illegal immigrant” has become a standard.  Colin Powell did the same recently.  Powell compared the U.S. to the birth dearth afflicted Japan.  Powell revealed an awareness of the fertility gap between illegal and legal residents while discretely not spelling it out.   

Tran is a member of the California state legislature.  I used to live in his district.  He sent out a lot of e-mails – a sign that he was going to run for higher office.  OC is home to more Vietnamese Americans than any other region.  I had a number of Vietnamese associates.  His wife’s maiden name, Nguyen, was the most common name of new home buyers in OC when people were buying homes.  That being said, the congressional district is highly mixed.  ( I hate the word “diverse” – something a judge might order. )  The district was represented by Bob Dornan before the Hispanic population increased and a very angry left wing Loretta Sanchez was victorious.   

The good news is that Sanchez’s disparaging remarks which identified “the Vietnamese” as her enemy may motivate non – Hispanics to vote.  Hopefully some Hispanic voters will understand that illegals are not helping their lives in OC.

                                                   Will Tran Live Up to the Activist Billing?

Despite the recent very brief flurry of remarks concerning the 14th amendment, the Republican Party has a very weak record on illegal immigration.  McCain, George W. Bush, and Meg Whitman have backgrounds that shielded them from the totality of the impact of Illegal aliens.  The “values” candidates are suspect.  Their plateform calls for “border security”.  This is not a detailed recounting of the public sector costs of illegals.  The religious affiliations claimed by the values members are universally cause for concern.  The leadership of all of them have positions on illegals which are supportive of pourous borders.  Voters who want a strong stance can only hope the values congressmen are “cafeteria” congregants.