Rand Paul - Back to 1964

                                              Private Business and Accommodations

Candidates for the Senate are expected to offer their views on the issues of the day.  “Lunch counters” is not one of them.  In a survey of businesses that offer public accommodations, it would be hard to find any who which to turn away paying customers. 

Affirmative Action is a current issue.  Recall Joseph Lieberman ran simultaneously for the Senate and Vice-President in 2000.  In his Senate campaign he pledged his opposition to Affirmative Action, while Al Gore was an advocate. 

There are a plethora of behaviors in the African American community which deserve attention.  Sudhir Venkatesh has made a career out of studying the life and times of African American drug dealers in Chicago.  He neglected to study the life and times of the their offspring.  Venkatesh studied the cash flow of dealers.  He neglected to assess the governmental contribution to the dealers and families or the police/criminal justice/medical/incarceration expenditures.  Dr. Paul might want to look into that. 

Talking about lunch counters makes him sound weird.