How Hillary Clinton's Server Makes Her An Object of Blackmail

In days past, I was the proud holder of a Top Secret clearance.  What I did is unimportant, but how I got my clearance is, and why total transparency was critical to making it work.  To get my clearance, I was required to divulge and discuss issues that were, shall we say, part of a foolish and somewhat misspent youth as a grad student.

Why did I have to disclose past foolishness?  Because to not do so would leave me open to blackmail.  By keeping it secret, it places me in a position where I wish to continue that secrecy.  This desire, on my part, to keep that past behavior secret opens me up to the threat of blackmail by foreign intelligence agencies or criminal organizations.  This is not fantasy – it is very real.  Non-disclosure is a typical reason to deny clearance.  The Government, in denying clearances, can state as part of the denial that the Applicant is ineligible due to conduct involving questionable judgment, untrustworthiness, unreliability, lack of candor, dishonesty, or an unwillingness to comply with rules and regulations.  All things that even liberals will agree that Hillary was guilty in creating her server (and the pitiful pack of lies that she exhibited at the UN press conference).

Being elected to office can make you eligible for security clearance (often undeserved, with many of our officials).  So getting a clearance is not an issue here.  If Hillary is elected, she will hold the highest clearance in the land, and there is no agency that can or will deny her.

But then there is the deleted “personal” email.

When someone uses an official email account, whether it be a business or government, where they have proper email backups, your actions in an official duty are backed up by that history.  No one can claim that you used your official email, if you in fact didn’t, for personal gain or for other aspects or actions of corruption.

Hillary has no protection.  There are no official copies of her email, under government control, to protect her from being accused of using her office for corruption.  So what is there to keep a foreign government from “creating” an email that infers that she received funds to the Clinton Foundation in return for some then or future favor.  What if this government, when she is President, threatens her with releasing multiple emails that implicate her in all sorts of skullduggery?  What protection does Hillary Rodham Clinton have against such a threat?

None.  To avoid a scandal, perhaps at an inopportune time requiring all her political capital, she would have to give the foreign government what they wanted, or have a slew of emails released showing all sorts of communications.  How could she deny them?  She can’t.  She used her own server, and she has no defense to say that such messages did not come from her. Indeed, she has deleted, in what it appears to be a guilty and transparent attempt to hide possible transgressions, all the email that she could use to possibly show that she was innocent, and she further refuses to turn over the server to a third party that could hold it incorruptible (not that she would be believed, even now).

We assume from her desire to keep her email separate, and under her control, that she did in fact intend to keep things hidden.  She has further wiped out a substantial amount of her email history.  And if her email server, as many experts are now stating, was as insecure as we guess it was, it has almost certainly been hacked.  So what if she actually did have communications showing evidence of corruption and quid pro quo between some nation and the Clinton Foundation.  Lets say that Russia, or Iran, or China, or Korea want their own quid pro quo?  Once again, she has no defense.  Had she used the State Department server, and there was no evidence that she had ever used an outside server, she would have a much better chance of defending herself.  But now, it looks like she has something to hide.

Any outside enemy of the United States can use that against her, as President.  Which means she can never be trusted to be acting in the best interest of the United States ever again.  That’s why the Server is a class A-1 scandal.  Will conservatives recognize this, and point out this threat before she gains power and is blackmailed into acting against the interests of the United States?  We can only hope.

In the meantime, her actions in reference to the server and emails totally destroys her credibility.  This is no minor scandal. And this is no minor threat.