2 pounds of Ham, at $595,600 a pound

Promoted from the diaries. We’d assume that this was some sort of data entry error, but then again, we have no reason to believe that at all. It is, after all, government ham.

UPDATE by Erick: The contract calls for nearly 800,000 lbs of ham sliced in 2 lb pieces. I’d bump this back off the front page, but am running into a technical problem doing that. Nonetheless, the contract appears legitimate.

I give up. I freaking give up. I tried to sit on the fence, reserve judgement. I tried to be a lefty among right wingers, a righty among left wingers. I told myself, hey, RedState is just as crazy as the Daily Kos, two sides of the same coin. I told myself that I’d give Obama a year before I made any judgment. But ham is now $1.1 million a pound, which changes everything. You guys win. This is wack.