Mack goes to bat for his wife

I admit that Saturday mornings are a time when the brain cells don’t always fire in the proper order, but I’m really at a loss on this one.  Connie Mack (fl-14) has sent out a request for donations. No problem there, but they seek financial support not for his 2010 run, but for his wife Mary Bono Mack (“R”- Palm Springs).

My confusion deepens when I learns that Bono-Mack is also receiving additional support from the NRCC through its ‘Patriot Program’.  I understand that this program targets members who are perceived to be vulnerable in 2010, but perhaps they are vulnerable for a reason.  Despite  Bono-Mack’s vote in favor of Cap & Tax it appears that incumbency and  the mere appendage of an ‘R-‘ to one’s last name is enough to garner support from the NRCC.  I have to believe we can do better in a conservative District like Palm Springs.

While Mr. Mack has managed to squeak out a few dribblers with his strong condemnations of Hugo Chavez and his support for the government of Honduras, he has been perceived as missing in action in his own District.    His support of Charlie Crist to replace Mel Martinez (talk about missing in action, and thanks for the Sotomayor vote, Mel. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out) is a further indication that Mr. Mack should follow Martinez’ lead and go back to the marketing world.