The Obama Zombies

Q-Why would a U.S presidential administration be concerned about Israeli settlements, TEA Party, Koran burning and the Conservative movement; yet unconcerned about the dangerous implications of rising Worldwide Islamification?

1) The administration and its backers worship a different god than that of the Jews and the Conservative movement.

2) The administration and its backers worship the same god as the Muslims. Why should they be concerned about their god becoming more influential worldwide? This may sound unusual at first glance, but from a theological standpoint it is plausible if you consider the story of Abraham’s son from the maidservant Hagar;Ishmael, patriarch of the Muslim faith and his son born from Sarah; Isaac, the seed of promise-patriarch of the Jewish and Christian faiths….It is possible they simply have not come to terms with their own belief system because it is based on deception. At some point I would think this will become more obvious… Just Sahyin:)