The People We Are Better Off Without

If the Trump campaign has accomplished anything, it has exposed people aligned with the conservative movement we are better off without.

Laid bare for everyone to see are the Tea Party crackpots who read Infowars, the alt-right racists who hate Barack Obama because he’s black, the talking heads and columnists like Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity who masquerade as conservatives to earn a buck, entire news organizations like FoxNews, Drudge, and Breitbart who pander for ratings, and all politicians like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Chris Christi who were eager to sell their souls for a shot at the brass ring.

These are not casual Republican voters resigned to voting for someone they mistakenly believe is the lesser of two evils.  These are Trump partisans.  None of them deserve our respect.  None of them deserve a shot at redemption  We are better off shedding them from the conservative movement.  At best, they are embarrassments.  At worst, they are destructive to conservatism, the Republican Party, and our country as a whole.

Throughout the primaries, Trump’s devoted supporters insulted anyone who opposed him with vile insults.  They called us cucks.  They called us “GOPe elites.”  They said we were closet Hillary supporters.  Their candidate invented childish nicknames for his opponents: Lyin’ Ted.  Little Marco.  He mocked the handicapped.  He smeared entire ethnic groups.  He insulted women.

When they succeeded in placing their  Dorito-Colored Daddy at the top of the Republican ticket, they suddenly wanted our support.  They insisted we owed him our votes to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning the White House.  They told us the Supreme Court hung in the balance.  They said this was our last chance to repeal Obamacare.  They told us everything they purposefully ignored when we warned them against nominating Trump in the first place.  Suddenly, these things became important, but only after Trump secured the nomination.

Since that failed, and Trump is collapsing in the polls as we all knew he would, his puppets are urging his supporters to punish Republicans by voting for Trump only.  They should ignore the down ballot race and put Congress in Democrat hands.   This petulant temper tantrum is supposed to teach the rest of us a lesson for betraying their Orange Clown King.

They betrayed us by supporting an authoritarian with contempt for the concept of limited government in the first place. They imperiled the White House by ignoring polls that consistently showed Trump was the worst possible choice to face Hillary.  Punishing conservatives by flipping Congress to the Democrats is the final sip of Kool-Aid for people who behave like members of a cult, not a political movement.

Trump and his true believers are a cancer in the conservative movement.  We cannot build a winning coalition with them in our ranks.  On November 9, when they need a political home, we should turn our backs.  The Democrats won’t want them.  Neither should we.