Unbelievable: Trump Says Twitter Tantrums Prove He's Ready for the 3AM Call!

This week, Trump gave another gift to the Clinton campaign by throwing an early morning Twitter tantrum against former Miss Universe Alicia Machado (Miss Piggy to Donald), thus keeping the news focused like a laser on his denigrating comments about women and Hispanics.

Has the Donald learned his lesson?  Has he perhaps decided to leave well enough alone and heed wiser council about holes and digging?

No, he says this is proof he’s ready for the proverbial 3AM call!



I’m sure we will all sleep better at night knowing the Donald stands ready in the early morning hours to unleash barrages of insulting Tweets against any foreign leader who says “not nice” things about His Royal Orangeness.

Somehow, I don’t think this is what most Americans have in mind when they think about the president handling a crisis.

I guess we can put all those stories about a more disciplined Donald to bed now.