Did the Cruz Endorsement Change My Vote?

Short answer: no.

Trump is unfit to serve as president, and no endorsement, however eloquently written, can change that.

Trump is ignorant man, and he’s too arrogant and stupid to care.  He is a bigot and misogynist who ogles his own daughter.  He lies more than Hillary.  He is mentally unbalanced, thin skinned, and childish. He is selfish and untrustworthy.  He has a history of throwing money at left wing causes and liberal politicians.   He has an authoritarian streak a mile wide, knows nothing about the Constitution, and has no interest in reducing the size and scope of government.

Americans should be embarrassed such a man rose to this level and is taken seriously by so many as a candidate for the office once held by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan.  It is truly sad we have fallen this far.

I plan to vote for Gary Johnson.  But if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to choose between Hillary and Trump, I would choose Hillary.

Trump is thoroughly unacceptable, and I remain #NeverTrump.