NEVER Never #NeverTrump

I originally posted this here, but Caleb suggested I post it as a diary, so here it is.

I dislike Hillary, but I hate Donald Trump with the white hot fury of a million suns.

In 2016, we had a perfect opportunity to win the White House with a credible conservative candidate like Cruz or Rubio, keep both houses of Congress, and perhaps even increase our majority, and, depending on our nominee, perhaps even change the leadership team in the Senate.

Instead, this unfit, mentally unbalanced, unelectable joke candidate staggered out of a clown car, and a motley crew of angry, uneducated racists and celebrity-worshipers rallied to his cause and foisted him on the rest of us – thereby handing the White House, and perhaps even Congress, back to the Democrats.

This isn’t simply a difference of opinion over Republican candidates of relative worth. These low-IQ troglodytes hijacked our party, and they did it with the help of Democrats who crossed over to ensure the GOP nominated this National Embarrassment to thereby smooth Hillary’s path to power.

As far as I’m concerned, Trump and his supporters are enemies, and I want them and their candidate to suffer a soul crushing, humiliating loss in November. I do not buy the tightening polls.  Trump’s ceiling is well below what he needs to overcome Hillary’s advantage in the electoral college, and I doubt it will even be close.  Visiting Breitbart and Gateway Pundit (as well as watching people like Hannity and Bolling on FoxNews) this election night will be like an early Christmas present. I can’t wait.

Does that mean I am now a Hillary supporter? No…she is simply a lesser strain of evil, and evil is still evil. I’m voting for Gary Johnson. But if PA is close, you can bet your hind-quarters I’ll hold my nose and vote for her to stop Donald Trump. There are no plausible circumstances in which Trump should EVER become president.

Hannity and the other Branch Trumpidians can shake their fists all they want.  They can hold a grudge and make us “own” Hillary Clinton as if they never sold out to support the only candidate Hillary could beat.  They can call themselves Never #Never Trump.  The rest of us know who is a real conservative and who isn’t.

I guess that makes me NEVER Never #NeverTrump.