We Need Sam Adams... and Maybe a Beer as Well.

All of the internal dialogue amongst conservatives fails to mask one enduring problem: how can we act? We can bloviate (thanks, Bill) until blue in the face and still not redden our states. The offer to consider beer in our discussions is not without merit; wasn’t it over beer that the Sons of Liberty lubricated their discourse?

In a non-inebriated (is that ebriated, then?) state, I find myself wondering just what the law allows. As far as the media is concerned, the majority has spoken, and we in the conservative minority need to shut our whiny mouths and suck it up. But, according to a recent poll (thank you, media), over 60% of America consider themselves conservative. “Conservative” in America seems to imply some kind of laissez-faire acceptance of whatever government foists upon us, and it takes so much to waken the beast known for so long as the Silent Majority.

I’ve long been a proponent of tar and feathers. Henry’s makes a plethora of fairly liquidable pitches, many not requiring heat to use. According to one CHP officer I spoke to, going up to the Capitol (or, here in California, Sacramento) and dragging out our favorite dirtbag and riding him or her out on a rail simply would not be tolerated by law enforcement. How ironic, if law ultimately gives us the Jeffersonian right to throw the bums out! Hence, my question about the majority. If we show up at government offices acting with the force of the majority, perhaps law enforcement’s stance could change…perhaps.

Although conservatives arguably occupy the moral high ground, at some point we must say, “Enough is Enough”. We must act. Some would say we act at the individual level, adhering to our personal principles in order to influence others. I’d ask if we haven’t been doing that and, even in the aggregate, have been wasting our time as a result. Effecting change at the mass level is simply a different proposition. I think it’s time for a beer (Hefeweisen, and not Sam Adams, in my opinion) and a down pillow….