I Wish That None Would Be California Girls

California, for some reason, just loves to offer up to the political sphere inane, imbecilic, and quite infantile women to represent the state at the national level. One only needs to witness Barbara Boxer to note that the qualifications for U.S. Senator need be no more than “must appear to be a bag of rocks”. I don’t know who actually votes for these useless idiots, but it’s nearly enough to convince a normal guy to go misogynistic! The only exception with our Caliwomen is Dianne Feinstein, who lives up to an assonance- rhyming word with her final appellation, and who is at least just mendacious…perhaps nefarious! Don’t argue with her about your right to a concealed-carry permit, however, or she’ll pull the .380 out of her purse, plug you, and have you buried in one of her husband’s cement plants!

We now need to add a Republican to that list: Mary Bono-Mack. There were people who told me that Mary was quite stupid, and that good ole’ Sonny was the brains of the operation in his day. I didn’t buy it- one simply couldn’t imagine that any guy hanging out with Cher could postulate political philosophy at all! And then Sonny ended up becoming the ultimate tree-hugger. I miss him. Ms. Bono-Mack truck for a brain voted for todays Cap and Trade proposal, assuming a level of hubris, as I told her website, that was hard to believe, since only seven other Republicans voted with her. What did she think she knew that others didn’t? In actuality, she proved her ignorance, settling for cozy-sounding elitist buzzwords about the environment instead of considering the job loss and the economic pain to be foisted on those blue-collar types, especially in California. Why didn’t she consider just how much of the “global warming” evidence, especially that attributed to human intervention, has been proven false? When she learned how we wouldn’t even have bread to eat, I’m sure she told someone to “Let them eat cake!”. I for one will help drag her to the guillotine when she comes up for re-election.