RINOS Are Hybrids, Thank God!

I’m not a brilliant man, nor even that astute (and no, this is not an opportunity for confirmation), yet I recall saying prior to Der Kommisar’s term as governor in California that he was not going to work out. In fact, I was railing against the promotion of another like Ah-nold: Dick Riordan. I’m not being self-congratulatory here- my perspective seemed obvious at the time, and I found it amazing that others of a conservative mien were not sharing a similar view. Now that Swarzeneggar has fulfilled his destiny, I find it difficult that I, even now, must state the obvious with those same conservatives: Economic conservative/social liberal is an oxymoron, not a tenable political position!

I suspect that claiming both positions simultaneously is a pretty overt attempt at pandering, so I can’t imagine a voter ignorant enough to be suckered in by the effort! I mean, wouldn’t they just be a Democrat? The argument against playing both sides is clear: you can’t advocate for programs you refuse to pay for! What the Governator has done, however, is to go schizo, in popular parlance (although it is most accurately referred to Multiple Personality Disorder; however, you must start with at least one in order to qualify…). Since being elected, Arnold has acquiesced and submitted coyishly to his Left on innumerable pet projects and money pits, all the while paying for them with future dollars. Now it’s time to pay the piper, and Arnold wants to shove the piper’s pipe down his throat, in an attempt to look fiscally-wise and deflect criticism from his lack of managerial skill. Yet, the best he, in his Teutonically-sterile frame of mind, can muster is to slap at the lowest common denominator he can find: the defenseless rank-and-file state worker.

Blame SEIU! The state worker has employed union muscle to wrest all the money from the State! However, the rank and file worker was never given a real choice to not go union- the difference between the full monthly fee and the “fair share” payment he is forced to make anyway is two dollars! On top of that, Administration practice has been to berate workers to the point that they find themselves greatful for a little protection, and all the while Swarzenegger allows State negotiators to promise the moon. Fortunately, it seems, the only place the State makes good on its payments is to CCPOA, the juggernaut correctional officers’ union. Cozy.

Since the Peter Principle is in full employ with most managers with the State (what little management training they get was dumped somewhere around 1959), most employees just want those monkeys off their backs! The average California state employee then gets to enjoy a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” status that is the envy of…well, no one.

Meanwhile, the State could drill 40-50 miles off shore and reap the bonanza of American oil- but California environmental elitists refuse to let us average folks afford energy until the experts perfect the “green” stuff. Evil! Evil! They can’t afford gas? Let ’em eat the environmental equivalent of cake! And if you can’t afford your gas, we’re going to punish you for driving an SUV by doubling your registration fees. And if you can’t afford those fees, in 30 days were gonna nearly add half again of what you owe so that, what, you still can’t afford to pay? Hey, where you going? You can’t leave this state! We need your taxes!

And now we’re swimming in a sea of liberal ideology that doesn’t get that a government can tax away its base and be left with nothing of any merit to tax! Finally, the truth is there: all the Arnolds and Riordans and the like never were really economically conservative, or they never would have let loose the dogs of social(ist) programs in the first place.Swarzenegger’s elitist diet does not allow him to eat cake with us, and he has to keep his winsome figure. But rather than caviar, what Arnold needs to eat is a strong diet of tar and feathers. Any bets on whether California citizens have a right to ride him out on a rail?