Thanks to Replies for New Republican Contract with America

First, I thank those who responded to my  blog on the new Republican Contract with America.  Second, my comments will be generic to comments made on each item rather than specific to a person.  Third, thanks for your patience in awaiting my comments.  I don’t spend a lot of time on the author side of RedState.  So here goes for a response to the first item of the contract.  I agree that the 16th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution would have to be repealed.  I also believe that it could be repealed only with a large outcry of the American public.  As for that, I urge us all to get the word to the American public that this tax system is both exceedingly anti-American and anti-capitalist.  Our current Federal Income Tax System grossly violates all four of Adam Smith’s maxims on taxation.  Adam Smith, of course, is the architect of our American capitalist economic system.  Adam Smith says that a tax system shold be proportional in impact to all payers, certain as to time, place, and amount, convenient for the taxpayer to pay, and inexpensive for the Government to collect and the taxpayer to pay.  Our current income tax system violates all four maxims significantly.  If you wish more details on this topic, please read my book, “Of Political Correctness, Leading to Economic Insanity–Both, Needing God with author as Dr. John C. Bredfeldt.  Again, once we get the word out to the American public as to just how bad this tax system is for American taxpayers and the U. S. Economic system, enough voters may tell their friendly neighborhood Congressmen that they can vote a national sales tax in or be voted out of office.