The ad Romney (or someone) needs to run


“If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”  [image of Obama freezes]

Female voice: Whoa, let’s stop right there.  He goes on to use that as an excuse to raise taxes.  He believes that people who have been successful have done so because they’ve been taking, and so government should tax more of that away.

[Cue a few images of stand-up local small business owners at work – with text of company names or types, location, # of employees.] But people who create businesses aren’t takers, they’re builders, not just for themselves, but for everyone – jobs, products, and innovations.  We should be encouraging that, not taxing it away from them.


The aim here is multi-fold.  First, call out Obama’s collectivist rhetoric.   Second, expose the fact that it leads inexorably to higher taxes.  Third, blunt the attacks against wealth (eg Romney’s).  If someone could fit this into 30 seconds, it would be fantastic.