It's the Money, the Media, the Groundswell/Grassroots Effort, and the Leadership

*It’s the Money, the Media, the Groundswell/Grassroots Effort, and the Leadership*##

I have been listening and reading to a vast array of political experts/pundits and their ideas regarding what has gone wrong with the Republican Party. Many are spot on and a few are way off base in my opinion. I am of the opinion that things do need to change, but not our core conservative ideology.

As I have mentioned in replies to other bloggers on this site, this country is 232 years old. Over this span of time, just about every concept or political ideology has been tried. Some have been dismal failures and others have been resounding successes. At the end of the day, there are not many NEW ideas rather, there are new ways to package, present, and communicate these ideas to the American electorate. It also helps to have a leader that inspires the electorate and can communicate these ideas to the masses with charisma and vision.

I challenge anyone to educate me as to what Obama has campaigned or promised that is new. Tell me what new ideas that Obama has presented that hasn’t already been tried from Clinton to Carter to FDR. Obama has simply sold a bag of goods that has already been done before or has tried to be done in one fashion or another (HilaryCare for example). At best, one could only cite tidbits of change or newness with respect to a broader idea.

First and foremost we need to acknowledge the failures of the RINO leadership we have had in Washington for the past 8 years and we need a comprehensive national strategy with a concerted focus on fund raising, the media, and a major grassroots effort unlike any ever accomplished in the Republican Party. Record fund raising is a must to counter the Obama Machine and to counter the liberal media establishment. The need for the grassroots effort should be obvious.

This will not be easy. There has been a lot of trust lost in the Republican Party and for good reason. I personally have friends and relatives who are ready to give money and help organize, but everyone is sitting back to see how the dust settles and who they feel they can trust with the future of the party. It also makes it difficult when we have created a system where nearly 50% of the electorate pay zero federal income taxes and have no stake in the federal system whatsoever. Further, with the Dems likely to push hard for amnesty for the illegals, we will likely lose the Hispanic vote for the foreseeable future. Where do you suppose these votes will go?? Consequently, we have to face the fact that we will constantly be working for the 5-7 percenters out there who always seem to be on the fence (at least for the short to mid term).

The Republican Party must rebuild the party with its core conservative values but with new methodologies for communicating our ideas and creating a groundswell of grass roots activity that we can all believe. We need to communicate our ideas and ideology to the American people and stop acting like Democrats (McCain, Powel, Bloomberg, and Schwarzenegger are prime examples). We need to defines ourselves and not allow the liberal establishment to define the Republican Party. We must have leaders with the charisma to communicate to the masses a singular voice of the party and a unique ability to raise much needed campaign funds. Over time, with success, we can regain the Reagan American Spirit we so fondly remember.

Doug Peterson