The "Consider This!" Podcast, Global Warming Deja Vu

The latest episode of the “Consider This!” podcast is out. Conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less.

A one-topic episode, wherein I note how the global warming issue has been spun a long while ago, a little while ago, and today. This is an episode full of deja vu and irony, all packed into 10 minutes or less.

A ship trying to document the effects of global warming in Antarctica got stuck in the thickening ice. If it was melting, they’d blame it on global warming, but, even though they think it’s melting everywhere else but where they are, they can still find a way to blame more ice on warming as well. Isn’t it great when every single data point fits your narrative?

For fans of Shire Network News, I’ve dusted off my very first segment from that auspicious podcast, which (among other things) covered a similar expedition to the North Pole in 2007, that ended pretty much the same way.

And finally, now that the dipping of the polar vortex is over, let’s look at how the same phenomenon was explained in the 1970s. Guess what they blamed back then!

Let me know your thoughts on these or other subjects. Click on the link for the show notes and ways to send your feedback, including calling 267-CALL-CT-0 (267-225-5280). Subscribe to the podcast in iTunesBlubrryPlayer.fm or Stitcher.

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