The "Consider This!" Podcast, Episode 62: What Liberalism Has and Will Do To Big Cities, Learning From Mistakes, and the Reason Poverty Plummeted

Back from vacation, the latest episode of the “Consider This!” podcast is out. Conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less.

Bill de Blasio was recently elected as the mayor of New York City. De Blasio is a liberal Democrat, as opposed to the liberal Republican Michael Bloomberg, who just left the post. He promises to bring liberal policies to New York. Well, more liberal than Bloomberg, I guess. But is this a good idea for the city? The NY Times thinks so. Detroit, however, might not.

And speaking of Detroit, is it fair to blame Democrats for the downfall of that formerly fair city? I mean, 50 years is hardly enough time for government policy to affect the economy, right?

What poverty program did the most good, dropping the rate 80% in less that 40 years? And why haven’t you heard about this success story?

Let me know your thoughts on these or other subjects. Click on the link for the show notes and ways to send your feedback, including calling 267-CALL-CT-0 (267-225-5280). Subscribe to the podcast in iTunesBlubrryPlayer.fm or Stitcher.

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