The "Consider This!" Podcast, Episode 55: A Service Considered Essential, Banning Recreation at Recess, and Name That Quote!

The latest episode of the “Consider This!” podcast is out. Conservative commentary in 10 minutes or less.

Of all the services that the government performs, which ones are considered “essential”? Which ones stay operating even during a shutdown? Here’s an example of one, and in fact, it’s a service that is active only during a shutdown.

What if they held a recess and nobody played? A school is banning baseballs, soccer ball, basketballs; basically anything that might give you a boo-boo. That may seem silly (and it is), but there’s some other silliness that’s prompting it.

And we have another round of “Name That Quote”. In the continuing saga of the debt limit, I have an outspoken critic of raising it. See if you can guess who it is.

Let me know your thoughts on these or other subjects. Click on the link for the show notes and ways to send your feedback, including calling 267-CALL-CT-0 (267-225-5280). Subscribe to the podcast in iTunesBlubrryPlayer.fm or Stitcher.

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