How To Reach The End Zone in 2010

There is nothing the people of Arkansas like better than a good game of football.  Especially when their favorite team reaches the end zone.  That got me thinking about another subject important to the people of Arkansas.  Along with football, Arkansans love their state.  They want to have the best government they can have to protect and nourish the state that they all love.

That is why the Republican Party of Arkansas has been working so hard.  We have the end zone in sight.  We want the best for the people of Arkansas.  We know that by offering strong Republican candidates at every level of government, Arkansans will be well served.  Strong conservative principles are important to the people.  They want the government out of their wallets and purses, out of their homes and out of their health care.

That’s a pretty good philosophy to follow.  Unfortunately Sen. Lincoln has forgotten the people of Arkansas.  She has become a Washington insider.  It’s too bad that she has been satisfied to warm the bench.  Arkansans expect much more.  They expect a winning Quarterback, someone willing to lead.  Instead, they have seen Arkansas fail to reach the end zone for too long.

We have the chance to lead Arkansas into the end zone.  We can do that by working hard at every level to elect Republican candidates.  We can do that by contributing to the Republican Party of Arkansas, volunteering, knocking on doors, making telephone calls, passing out literature, doing whatever is necessary to get our  message  out to the people.

It’s time to score that Touchdown.  We can reach the end zone in 2010 and in the process retire Sen. Lincoln.

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