Blanche Lincoln: A Failure To Lead

What defines a leader?  According to the dictionary a leader is “a person who rules or guides or inspires others.”  Blanche Lincoln strikes out on all three.  She’s having trouble ruling the Arkansas Democratic Party, she’s certainly not guiding anyone in the state, and it has been a long time since we’ve seen anything inspiring out of Sen. Lincoln.

The latest poll by Public Policy Polling finds her in a dead heat with three potential Republican challengers.  Equally important, only 36% of respondents approve of Lincoln’s performance, while 44% say they disapprove.  Dean Debnam of Public Policy Polling sums it up pretty well when he says “You couldn’t get a clearer indication that the national momentum is with Republicans right now than a poll showing some guys with single digit name recognition running even with an incumbent Senator.”

It’s obvious that Sen. Lincoln is vulnerable and her approval rating clearly indicates she no longer represents the values of Arkansans.  Her liberal agenda does not reflect the values of everyday Arkansans.  The people of Arkansas have spoken loud and clear – they want leaders who protect their interests and values, not leaders who try to control their lives.

The failure of Sen. Lincoln to lead is obvious even within her own party.  That is why a  fellow Democrat has expressed an interest in running against her in the primary.  Sen. Lincoln has spent the summer hiding from her constituents, and when she has emerged, she has made derogatory comments about them, such as her recent comment that protesters who disrupt health care forums are “un-American.”

The last thing the people of Arkansas want or need is a U.S. Senator who feels in her heart that her constituents are un-American.

Help me do something about it today!

Sen, Lincoln only has an approval rating of 36% of Arkansans.  I know the Republican Party of Arkansas can do better than that.

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