Painting Arkansas Red

As Doyle Webb, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Arkansas  mentioned  earlier , recently we held the annual RNC State Chairman’s meeting.  I traveled with Doyle and sat in on the Executive Director meetings.

Having the chance to meet with National Committee members and other state party staff from around the country proved to me that our State Party is moving in the right direction.  I am not knocking other State Parties, I do feel that the Republican Party as a whole is making a comeback, but I am proud to say the Republican Party of Arkansas has it together!

We are using the resources we have both efficiently and effectively.  Our new website has put us leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.  The candidates we are talking with not only have a clear and conservative message, but more importantly, have the ability to follow that message through with action.

I am excited and I hope you are too!  If we continue to strengthen our base while reaching out to and educating the other pieces of the political spectrum, it will be no time before we have successfully painted Arkansas Red!

Written by:  Chase Dugger, Political Director

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