Even Corzine Knows, Christie is the Best Choice for NJ Governor

Do Jon Corzine one last favor, ask yourself “Who can get us through and out of this recession the soonest and the strongest?” (Jon Corzine, Philadelphia Inquirer November 1, 2009)

Jon Corzine? Chris Daggett?  Chris Christie is the only option.

New Jerseyans  have an easy choice today, get rid of Jon Corzine.  They face a tougher choice in trusting another leader after years of corruption, fraud, abuse, waste, taxation, scandal, and Democrat rule.

After 8 months of personal attacks funded by Governor Corzine’s vast personal fortune, Chris Christie is still standing.  He still leads the polls and has the momentum on Election Day.

Jon Corzine has done his best to destroy Chris Christie’s character.  Somehow, the guy who has spent the last 8 years buying elections and representing only the unions of New Jersey; has been on the offence attacking the guy who has actually spent the last 8 years fighting corruption and putting criminal politicians behind bars.  Meanwhile, Chris Daggett, a third party candidate has become the New Jersey media’s darling.  A candidate who has had ‘robo-calls’ funded by the Democrats, and offers academic plans that shift the tax burden from property taxes to sales, gas, and toll tax increases.  So New Jersey will go from the most expensive property taxes, to the most expensive trip to the grocery store, and somehow that will end the recession.

Jon Corzine has led New Jersey to the highest property taxes in the nation, the second highest total tax burden, and only increased New Jersey’s reputation for corruption.

Chris Christie has been forced to fight back against Corzine’s personal attack machine, and Daggett’s vendetta against him.  He has had his plan mischaracterized, as if he would remove state mandates for mammograms; or Daggett’s attack that he has no plan.  As Sheriff Kim Guadagno said, they have a plan and it’s to cut taxes, reduce spending, and return New Jersey to prosperity.  It also includes a transparency website for New Jersey that will give citizens the power to track where their tax dollars are spent, if any state needs that, it’s Jersey.

Try to figure out Corzine’s plan, he must not have received it from the unions yet.

Christie has kept his promises in line, which means he may not be come off as conservative enough.  It also means his goals are attainable.  New Jersey is on the verge of failure, Chris Christie offers a chance to save the state.