Stimulus Repeal Update

The initial “stimulus” repeal amendment failed last week, prompting Rep. Tiahrt to introduce a stand alone bill. The Repeal the Stimulus Act of 2009 was introduced last week, it would stop all ‘unobligated discretionary spending‘ the stimulus has yet to unleash.

It is encouraging to see this bill introduced, although its prospects at the current time seem weak. The amendment failed on a party line vote. That means there were Democrats who feigned regret over their pro-stimulus votes, because they did not take this chance to repent.

Now, with the Repeal the Stimulus Act there will be another chance for them to make amends; and a roll call vote for the people to examine.

If the “stimulus” is not repealed now, stimulus repeal will be the new teeth of the Tea Party movement, and a primary voting issue in 2010. Better to repeal it during the 112th congress, than never.