How ugly can the Left get? Your Daly Dose of Liberal Tolerance

Dan Riehl links to some words by an understanding, caring, non-judgemental, tolerant, inclusive and sensitive Liberal! YIKES!

Thank God there’s Judy McGuire, a blogger for The Seattle Weekly, to tell me how I feel about myself, because batting for the “other team” means towing the Leftist gay agenda at every possible moment.

Today, Ms. McGuire writes in her blog at The Weekly:

Ann Coulter is the human equivalent of a weeping, pus-filled sore  located deep in the diseased rectum of Adolf Hitler’s rotting corpse. Her cackling, hate-filled pratter has targeted everyone from widows of people killed during the World Trade Center attacks to Muslims to Canadians to “faggots.” So wasn’t I gobsmacked to see during my daily perusal of Joe. My. God. that this she-beast will be appearing at the HomoCon. Or as Joe. My. God. dubbed it, the “National Convention of Self-Loathing Homosexuals.”

The conference is sponsored by a group called, GOProud, an organization representing ‘gay conservatives and their allies.’

Isn’t McGuire charming? The very epitome of Leftist tolerance.

Ugly that is. It is nothing but raw, unabashed hatred, and sadly is very prevalent among the Far Left. Sadder yet is that every day it seems the Far Left dominates more of the mainstream Left. I wonder how long until the Leftists will be the overwhelming majority of the Democratic base? Hell, maybe they already are. The Democrats became a LIberal party years ago now, and it certainly appears that they are slowly becoming more radically anti-American every year.

Since the election of President Obama, we have seen the almost rabid pursuit by the Democratic Congress to radicalize our nation, and to bring fundamental change to America. The overwhelming voice of the majority of Americanshas been ignored by our new would-be masters, who have apparently never read our founding documents. They do seem to be familiar with Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals though, not to mention the writings, or should I say ravings of Marx.

The Left of today is very familiar with those tactics and values. Increasingly, the Left attacks, and demonizes their ideological opposites rather than debating them. And to be sure, these tactics can be successful, especially with the help of a media that largely aids the Alinsky tactics, and smears rather than reporting the truth.