Larry Grooms -- South Carolina's Patriot

South Carolina’s Patriot 

As most of us learned in school, the American Revolution began because of Taxation without Representation.  The Boston Tea Party became iconic as the focal point of the Revolution.  It was the birth of our country and patriots were abundant – Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and our very own Swamp Fox – Francis Marion – just to name a few. 

We are at the juncture of another revolution – look at events in our country.  Rampant unemployment, the government growing itself by leaps and bounds, spiraling taxes, inflation/depression/recession … even the economists can’t figure out what’s going on!  The President is trying to change our Constitution … it’s depressing!

Look at what is happening in our state:  Unemployment increasing toward 12%.  The South Carolina General Assembly growing the budget with no foreseeable limits.  Three branches of government fighting and squabbling like 3-year olds.  In our state!  It’s downright embarrassing!

We are at a crossroads here in South Carolina politics and we have an opportunity to make the right decision for South Carolina.  The new Governor must be able to work with the General Assembly – must have respect for the members of the General Assembly – must put aside personality conflicts and do what’s right for South Carolina.

Larry Grooms is that man.

We need a new patriot – a man to inspire as did those earliest patriots.  We need a man dedicated and excited about South Carolina and its people.  We need a man whose passion for the people and state of South Carolina, whose basic personal doctrine of honesty and compassion will touch the hearts of the South Carolinian’s everywhere. 

Larry Grooms is that man.

He is a fiscal conservative, a business man who knows how to run businesses profitably.  He is the only candidate who has created private sector jobs by starting and operating a business.  He is a family man who knows the importance of family values.  He is a principled man who believes in smaller government and in limited government.  He is a public servant who understands he works for the voter and at the pleasure of the voters. 

He will fight for our foundational rights of Life, Liberty and Property.  As Governor, Larry Grooms will restore our pride in our state.  He will stop the squabbling in Columbia.  He will put South Carolina back to work! 

Larry Grooms is South Carolina’s Patriot. 

Never doubt that Larry Grooms is the conservative candidate in the 2010 Governor’s race.  Never doubt that Larry Grooms will fight for South Carolina and the people of his state.  Never doubt that Larry Grooms is the best Republican candidate.

Never doubt that Larry Grooms is South Carolina’s best hope for the future.