His Own Worst Enemy

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has alienated the General Assembly ( with the possible exception on Nikki Haley and that lovefest continues) for his two terms as Governor.  Why?  Well, that’s probably harder to answer and only Sanford knows the answers.  Granted, he is stymied by the Budget and Control Board — an archaic throwback to Reconstruction that hampers the Governor’s (and not just Sanford) ability to govern.  It needs to be gone but that’s another fight for another governor.

Mark Sanford has had his turn and South Carolina is no better off than it was 8 years ago.  We have over 20% unemployment in 4 South Carolina counties.  Check it for yourself — don’t trust me! I want you to check it — I don’t like being called an idiot because you don’t agree with me.  You don’t have to agree with me!  http://www.sces.org/lmi/news/May_2009.pdf 

What I want is for every South Carolina voter to make their own decision — to study the qualifications of every candidate and make their own decision.  Governor Sanford made a mistake in his non-endorsement of Nikki Haley — he should have stayed above the everyday politics.  He didn’t, and now he is losing the respect of many South Carolinian’s who do believe their governor should know better and behave better.

Don’t take anything away from Mark Sanford.  He is a conservative.  But you have to get along with the General Assembly to get your agenda accomplished and he has not made that effort. 

South Carolina needs a governor who will mend fences while maintaining conservative values.  South Carolina needs a governor who respects the members of the General Assembly.  South Carolina needs a governor who has the respect of the General Assembly.  There is one conservative candidate already with those qualifications — but I want every voter in South Carolina to study the qualifications of all candidates and make their own decision.

During his two terms as Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford has been his own worst enemy.