Bill Connor, Candidate for South Carolina Lt. Governor

Bill Conner has been traveling the state in the last months attending Republican Party County Conventions and meetings.  He has been overwhelmed by the positive response he has received from voters across the state as he travels and spreads his conservative message.

He’s running for Lt. Governor because he’s fed up with politics as usual.  He’ll work to build bridges between the Governor and the General Assembly, between Republicans and Democrats, because we have to stop the political games that are putting our freedoms at risk.  He’ll work as the Senate’s presiding officer to rule tax increases out of order.  He’ll work with Senate leaders to protect the sanctity of life and marriage.  He’ll work toward ending the tax on military retirement as one way to draw retirees to South Carolina and help bring jobs and economic growth.  He will be a tireless advocate for our military veterans.

For our state, there will be no louder spokesman, no bigger fan, and no harder working economic development ambassador than Bill Connerme.  He will work to address South Carolina’s unemployment problem by promoting new markets for South Carolina products, attracting new tourists for our destinations, and bringing in new companies to build a business-friendly state.

Bill’s experience uniquely qualifies him to serve as your next Lieutenant Governor, but he can’t do this without your vote.

Together Bill and you can win this election and produce results for South Carolina.