A Clone of Mark Sanford?

Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina, has gone too far this time.  We chuckled when he carried pigs to the State House … snickered is probably the better word.

What Mark Sanford was doing was publicly ridiculing the General Assembly.  And he has done it for 8 years.  Why would Sanford expect cooperation from the Legislature when he rebuffs their every overture.  He only goes to visit when he gives the State of the State address or, of course, to somehow demean them. 

The new governor MUST respect the General Assembly and MUST work to regain their trust.  Mark Sanford is openly supporting Nikki Haley — indeed, if the truth were to be known Mark Sanford most likely encouraged her to get in the race.  What IS known is that Haley has some deep pockets to jumpstart her campaign — again, most likely from Sanford supporters.  Sanford can’t run again so he’s pushing his clone on us!

Is South Carolina doomed to more of the same?  Read what Sanford sent to his mailing list and tell me he isn’t openly supporting Haley.   http://www.governorsanford.com/  Why is a good question??  There were qualified Republican candidates already declared — why did Sanford encourage a young woman with minimal experience to run for Governor?   

The people of South Carolina deserve a qualified candidate to be elected Governor — not a Sanford clone.

Do your own homework — study the QUALIFICATIONS of each candidate.  Don’t take Sanford’s word for this very important decision.