Obama needs a bigger mouth!

##**Obamas comments on McCain’s offer to bail out troubled homeowners.

  Did any of you catch the statements Obama used in his speech this a.m.

Whereas he was scolding McCain for offering to bail out deserving homeowners from losing their homes! I don’t remember exactly what words he used but the meaning was something like this:

     "This country cannot afford to bail out all those        Reckless real estate speculators".
     I feel sure that statement did not go over well with those

“speculators” who worked hard and saved money for a down payment on their homes and because one or more family members lost their jobs or because their adjustble mortgage rates made their payments more than they could afford, they are facing foreclosures; *Especially since the Government just put out hudnreds of billions to bail out the “big shot” reckless speculators. *

 As bad as it sounded, I am glad Obama made that statement because it is

time he showed his real colors under all the sugar coatings.